This blog is split into six categories (select from menu above). Here is a brief description of what you can expect to find under each:

  • Class 3JC Blog: This is my classes’ blog. Pupils use this blog to share their work with the world. Please take a look at what we have been up to recently.
  • Pedagogy & Organisation: Throughout this year, Crumpsall Lane Primary School will be continuing to embed a Learning Challenge Curriculum and employing Cooperative Learning Structures (Kagan Structures). This area of the site is dedicated to discussion on these initiatives, along with my own pedagogical ramblings.
  • P4C: Philosophy for Children aims to improve speaking and listening skills, along with enhancing pupils’ comprehension in reading – leading to improving levels in writing. I shall be offering support in using P4C in lessons at Crumpsall Lane Primary School. This area of the blog will be dedicated to discussions and resources to support this.
  • Science Education: With a background in science and engineering, a particular interest of mine is contemporary science education in primary schools with a focus on the use of new technologies. This area of the blog contains my thoughts, useful links and resources on this topic.
  • STEM Club: Along with a colleague, I run a weekly Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths club. Past projects have included making slime, electric cars and a RC Plane. This area of the blog is dedicated to the STEM Club’s activities.
  • Bits and bobs: This and that which wouldn’t fit anywhere else.

I hope you find the information here useful. Please feel free to comment here or contact me at for further information on anything you read or anything you wish to add.