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Tiger webpage

On tuesday and wednesday of this week we will be using the internet to research information about tigers for the report we will be writing.

When I ask you to, please click the link below.


As part of our science topic, teeth and healthy eating, we spent the afternoon observing and drawing each others’ teeth. Here is Jammal’s fantastic effort.


Here is a quick ‘ShowMe’ video clip I made with one of the school’s iPads to explain division using grouping and repeated subtraction (which are fundamentally the same thing!).

Click the link below to watch – more tutorials to come soon.

In the last week of term we visited Torkington Primary School to take part in a ‘Forest Schools’ day, which was fantastic! I’ve just started going through the wonderful photos taken by our excellent cameraman,Yanal, when I came across this great shot of Mahwish 🙂 More photos to follow.

All of Year 6 did a fantastic job working together in teams  to build their ‘Crumpsall Racers’ during National Science and Engineering Week. There could, however, only be one winning team and that was team ‘Ma SHEEN’!Very well done to all team ‘Ma SHEEN’ members, who completed the 6 lap race in the quickest time of all the groups.

Here is a picture of team ‘Ma SHEEN’s’ winning racer and a video beneath of it’s test run.