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Our Year 5 blog is born.


Hey everyone. How wonderful is this… There is a school around the corner from where I am staying in Puno and I asked if I could meet the children. This is a photo of the year 1 class 🙂 I told them I would show you the photo as they wanted to know how school is different in England.

I have got the email address of the school so we could email them or maybe even set up a Skype call!


Hi everyone,

I am in a hostel in Puno by Lake Titicaca an it had Wifi so I can write a message on the blog!

The trip so far has been amazing. After flying into Lima in Peru, I flew to Cuzco to start my trek along the Inca Trail. The Incas are a civilisation that lived in the Andes which are the mountains in Peru. The mountains are extremely high which means there is not much air to breath. This makes doing things, especially walking, much more difficult! The 4 day trek was very hard work but thankfully we had porters to carry our belongings and cook us wonderful meals. The porters are from local villages and their bodies are more used to the lack of oxygen!

The photo shows our destination on the forth day; Machupicchu. This is an Inca town which was discovered 100 years ago by an American archeologist. It is an incredible sight to behold as it is set high up in the Andes on the side of a mountain. We reached it in time to see the sunrise illuminate it as it broke over the mountains – we had to get up at 3:30am to get there in time!

I am leaving Puno tomorrow to move to the second country on my itinerary, Bolivia. I will be spending two days in the capital La Paz before starting a 3 day drive through the salt flats in 4×4 vehicles to reach Chile.

I’ll update again when I can. I hope your are all having a fantastic summer whatever you are up to 🙂

Dr Chips


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This afternoon Class 3JC started thinking about our new topic, The London Olympics. We watched the video below which shows how much taking part and finishing means to the athletes.

We also thought up some questions which we want to find the answers to, these are:

Why were the Olympics started?

Why are the Olympics so important?

Have children/teenagers ever taken part?

Is there a trophy or medals for coming last?

Where have they been held in the past?

When did they start?

When will the Olympics end?

Do athletes get shy in front of the crowds?

Why do they have the Olympic torch?

What is the Olympic torch?

How many different Olympic sports are there?

Why is the logo made from rings?

Why do you have to train so hard?

Do your muscles have to be strong?

How many times has the Olympics been held?

Do they do boxing?



Hi Class 3JC,

I have some very exciting news… I have just found how to check how many visits to our blog we have had, and where in the world people are when they are accessing the internet and viewing our website. This information is called our blog’s ‘stats’.

Incredibly, as of this morning, we have had 6,477 views of our blog since September and the map/list below shows the countries around the world people are viewing from – click the images to make them bigger.

It is so wonderful to think people all over the world have been following what we have been up to 🙂

The rain didn’t dampen our celebrations of the Queen’s, well, reign.

Here is a photo of Sahar and I in the party mood.


Below is a short video we made for our class assembly about the affect acid has on your teeth…