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P4C Skills lessons

Whilst the topics for philosophical enquiries in P4C can be wide-ranging, there are key skills of thinking which children progressively learn to develop across these. Before starting esquires with my class, and as a refresher at various times, I run discrete sessions on these skills including reasoning and critical thinking.

The links below contain lesson plans and resources to deliver sessions on ‘true listening’, reasoning and the 3 Cs of P4C: critical, collaborative and creative thinking.

Please feel free to download and circulate 🙂

Typical Structure of a P4C enquiry

Session 1: What is listening and how we reason

Session 2: Thinking about thinking (the 3cs)

Chinese Symbol for listen (to go with Session 1)


Staff twilight presentation

Below is the PowerPoint which accompanied my presentation on ‘Philosophy for Children’ at a recent staff twilight. The aim of the presentation was to familiarise colleagues with P4C and explore how it could tie in with delivery of a Learning Challenge Curriculum.

Philosophy for Children

Teaching thinking to promote oracy and literacy.